Man in Kilt, How to Look Awesome Drinking Whiskey

How to Look Awesome Drinking Whiskey | No, You Don't Have to Wear a Kilt

First of all, we want to give a nod to being adventuresome. You should explore the entire range of whiskey. Try new flavors, new temperatures, step way way out of your comfort zone.

Adventuresome cliff jumping

But…that’s not how to look awesome.

Looking awesome drinking whiskey is not about trying something new, it’s about knowing where you’ve been. So you can be yourself. Like Curly in City Slickers. I mean, was that guy comfortable being himself or what? No coincidence he was played by Jack Palance, who could drink spirits made of cat piss poured over small pebbles and he’d look so cool you’d want a glass for yourself.

Looking awesome is about being true to yourself or in character, so to speak. So, who are you? 

When you next thirst for whiskey, ask yourself, am I:

  • Like the title character in the movie Shane? Order two shots, toss one on the bad guy’s shirt, the other in his face, then clock him in the jaw.
Punch in the jaw like Shane
  • Like Don Draper? Order an old fashioned, then leap over the bar and make it yourself using rye.
Cocktail like Don
  • Like Ron Burgandy? Three fingers of Scotch with a little bit of pepper and some cheese.
Smooth like Ron
    • Like Ron Swanson? Sipping Scotch silently by the fire in a flannel shirt and camel colored jacket.
    Relaxing like Ron Tough like Clint

    Off balance like RoosterBasically, there are no hard fast rules. Except one. Know what you like. Know how you like it. And ask for it.  

    So, if a kilt’s your thing, wear the kilt. As Jack Palance would say, “Confidence is so sexy. Don’t you think?”